A downloadable game for Windows

You're an apprentice wizard in a training room designed to help you master the arts of wizardry. Every enemy you defeat adds 1 second to your total time in the training room. Try to defeat as many opponents as possible while the clock is still running to hone your skills


Left/Right arrow keys - move

Up arrow - Jump

Q - fire an awesome fireball (Only able to fire one at a time)


WizTraining.zip 2 MB


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can you add levels and can you add a ability to customize your charachte

I thought about doing that actually, and I might, if I ever decide to expand on this game. This was a reaaallly quick project done for ludum dare 37, unfortunately I didn't submit it in time due to some unforeseen circumstances. But I am glad I'm able to upload it here, now, for anyone who sees it to play. Thanks for your feedback!