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Hey Aleifr, 

I've been searching online yet I can't find your updated Top Down RPG Template? Do you still have the template? Are you selling the template or are you able to upload a new version?

Much appreciated, thanks!


was this made in gamemaker?

Yep, everything was done in GML


Can u give me the sprites of player...I won't publish it anywhere...I just want to make a game for fun, not for any sharing or publishing purpose...plz....


Could you sell this as a template to learn from?


I could, and have thought about it, maybe if I see an actual demand for this as a template!


Ok, here's a demand...give me the player sprites...plz

that looks so cool, would love to pay for the learning!

I pretty like your game! Its is also a huge inspration for my own upcoming game. Take a look on my games if you want! Did you use the Godot-Engine?

This is really cool! I played it on stream and everyone agreed it looked really fun. The "placeholder" graphics are really good, better than I can draw for sure. The gameplay mechanic was confusing at first but once I learned what all the abilities do, it was really fun and unique! Combat feels satisfying even though I have little control over when my abilities activate, which is an impressive feat!

Can't wait to see where this goes, would especially love some basic sound effects in there to really make the impacts hammer harder! Also, would love some more explanation as to what the icons in the bottom left do, I never understood that.

Hopefully my early feedback was helpful!

By the way, I'm working on my own tower defense game, I'd love it if you could try it out and give me feedback like I gave you feedback! :) Thanks!

Yeah I figured the items would be quite confusing without an index to explain what each does, honestly I'm still in the process of figuring out how I want an item index to function and look.  I tried my best to draw them in a way that made sense at least except for the single orange grade item.  Really all that does is create an "explosion" where you kill an enemy that damages anything nearby.  As you stack it, the explosion would do more damage hence the rarity of its drop rate.  Everything else is pretty basic, movement speed, more coin drops, magnetize coins, skill charge rate increase, and increase health.