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Here's a tile set I made while working on a small side project to learn a different approach to combat in platformer games.  The project was a lot of fun to do and I definitely got a lot out of it.  I also got to practice making tile sets again so I'm happy to share with anyone who's interested in having these tiles!  Enjoy them and if you like my work please consider following me on twitter @LvlUpper!

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hey ı used your tile set in my game, here is the link of my game https://b-developer.itch.io/love

Great work!


Is this available for commercial use?

Hey Aleifr I was working on a pixel-platformer but already had my tileset but I was interested in the character u used in your demo ; would it be possible to have it ?

Hi there! I've released this character already in another post of mines!  Thanks for checking this out :).  Good luck with your project!

Hello Aleifr, I'm having a little bit of trouble to program the combat system in a platform game, I saw your example in this page and I liked it a lot. Was wondering if you could help me with it, I have little experience in game making, and I do it only for fun, without commercial purposes.

Thank you, 

Hello there!  Thank you for checking out this asset.  The combat system I have in this example here is really quite simple, I simple have it so that whenever the weapon collides with an enemy, it destroys the enemy object.  Of course the weapon has an active/inactive state so that it doesn't destroy the enemies unless you are actually attacking them.  I also do game making for fun, and am always happy to see other developers exploring their creativity through game dev!

Great work mate! keep up!