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the template is awesome. I'm kinda noob, how do i get rid of the stretch thing?

Simple love it,is possible to use in own project

Please, put the Sprites has PNG <3

I noticed that their was no upload of the character sprites and you said you would like a year ago... so I downloaded the file and I'll make my own and post them and when you want them on your account just download them and put them on yours and send me an email to remove then off my account

I really like what you've done with the squishing and stretching.

could you please post just the sprite of the character in this game

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Lol for sure, but I'll probably try and add a few more extra sprites, like different sized character bases as well so it would feel more like a complete asset!  I did not think anyone would be interested in just the sprite for my base characters.  Thanks :)

I would also like to only have the sprites if possible, it's perfect for prototyping.

Thank you for sharing, great work!

No problem, thank you for accommodating my request

Was the base sprite ever released? I can't find it :(

Love it :)