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Wow, really good project!

If someone ask, it works in The Game maker studio 2 v.2022.2.491 (the version of game maker riht now)

Cool man!

funciona en unity?


For anyone curious. This does indeed work with GMS2. When you have downloaded the file, you'll have to use the import feature in the home menu of GMS2.

It does not work in GM 2; With code edits to the syntax it can. 

Yea probably not with the new 2.3 update ^^'

works in GMS2?

It does not

This is really solid, I've been looking for a good way to implement enemies, currency, and such into my platformer. So will definitely make use of it! Good Work!

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Is this for GMS 1.4 or for 2? [Edit: Purchased and it works wonderfully in 1.4! Thank you]

works in GMS2?

I just want to ask can i use sprite art in this game to my other game,in commercial use i will put credits and link to your profile.


Cool project

Is there a way to retrieve the art without having gamemaker installed?

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is this for commerical use? i want to add this Player Sprites to my game and sell it or free with ads


Yes!  Absolutely, it is up to you what you wish to do with this asset.  Thanks for checking it out.